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Gymtotal Interactive is a multimedia E-Learning program, teaching students, referents, and trainers amazingly via video sequences and animations how specific elements can be taught and supported.

The concept for Gymtotal Interactive was implemented in 2007 by Flavio Bessi. It was created mainly by private engagement and voluntary work. The idea was adopted by the University of Freiburg and awarded two times with the “Median Award” and the “Teaching Award of the University”.

The project’s technical as well as designs aspects in the current version were implemented in cooperation with the hkDM Freiburg (“Hochschule für Kunst, Design und Musik”, former “Freie Hochschule für Webdesign). A group of students worked under the direction of two instructors (Dirk Fehse and Falk Hegewald) on the integration of the E-Learning program into Typo3 and created the design of the program.

Until now almost only contents from the Department of Sport and Sport Science and from Flavio Bessi are added. Most of them address themes that are needed in the university education. The contents for the C-trainer were added first, since some “Landesturnverbände” use the platform in cooperation and pilot projects, to verify whether a long-term cooperation makes sense. Only contents from Flavio Bessi, mainly from his book “Materialien für die Trainerausbildung – 1. Lizenzstufe” (material for trainer education 1. license level, ISBN 978-3-00-027421-3) can be found. Afterwards, it will be worked on contents of the second book “Materialien für die Trainerausbildung – 2. Lizenzstufe” (ISBN 978-3-00-027921-8). In a third phase finally, difficult elements, for A-Trainer or squad (?) trainer education will be added. The idea for further development is that as many (top)trainers as possible join in, to finally create a very competent collection of methodical steps, downloads, etc.The database stores when data is added among other the author and shows his copyrights in the listings.